Photograph (c) Reena Walking, available at (click to go to website)

In response to dVerse Poeticsprompt.

I’d nurture those expanses why not?
far across where the horizon smiles, too long
for it to be coincidence. Its cowardly
cold distance, its barrier; laugh at me will you?
Come closer! let’s settle this, man to man,
Craven! I shout, outshout planes overhead
those that feel like pinpricks with their decibels,
like insatiable crows feasting on memories’, desires’ soft tissue.
To scare them away, I need wings. Stop boasting, share, you dumb bird!
Of course you won’t.
I’ll eat more fish, to garner strength.
If I pray to planes, one
will in its pity
enable my ascension. So I’m taught.
Then this meddling ocean
will be no more
than a sweet lake is
to a pelican’s flight on its strong fearless wings.


O, fiery god of air, do stumble

A lulled grimace of waves pursue

Instruct in me a hoisted insurrection

Wilt the peregrine leaf


Tie your tears in knots, my fair, spirited companion

Pray lest unbalanced sun contort

The vice of comprehension

Had it been yet another garrulous sojourn to death’s teeth

We could have been buried with emblazoned poetics


On deck – sick, weak-kneed, porous youths, all but you

Eyefuls of grey sand, tongues of a Doric column

Wielded as if sagaciously, in truth

Scorched by the salted water


Oblique, like my father’s fall was your last grasp

Where Naxos punctured the embalming sea

Your whispers haughty wraiths of stricken reason

Have sedimented us in madness of the myth


O, pious gods of stranded metaphysics

Gorge sacrificial smokes of crude despair

Your deftly sculpted eye always already inward

Like those you led to death – and therefore saved.