Sunrays sweep the courtyard as nature’s brief introspection

Caresses chimneys, quiet and coarse like Irishmen’s speech,

To polemically galvanise

Potential clouds over Ancoats from a primordial distance

And breed deformed progeny of downpour

With caustic rivulets


Hid in glassblowers’ hesitant self-knowledge

Premeditated movement of determined hand

Scatters purposes of sententious posturing

Canonised proletarian effort

To inert absoluteness

There truly are absent saints in dead churches


Hephaestus taught them the prudent anatomy

Of iron perseverance

Of gilded effacement

Of poverty’s tamed arrogance

Of sparsely ambitious lamentation


As tribalism of fluid hymns anointed eternities contained

Within twelve hours – a crooked spike of moral condemnation

Borne like a standard on the lips of devils

As unholy apotheosis that only a drop of sweat

Fallen on a warm soil doggedly contradicts