The sky has donned again its fateful dress,
Obligingly efficient wind has blown,
A droplet’s dance’s swift melodiousness
Dictates her magic to her children grown.
For why, says she, the floods will ever own
This long distrusted image of a god
Casting his tacky brightness at forlorn
Landscapes in darkness uniformly clad?

A human form into a gesture pressed
An Abrahamic dagger, or a Faun
In purging hail, for sins yet unconfessed,
Stands proud, unbent, unflinching – and alone.
Reminiscing on centuries that have gone,
His posture more in common with a rod,
Strong with the masons’ strength who carve in stone
Landscapes in darkness uniformly clad.

By his free will, he brought his own distress,
By his exertions, to be cursed upon,
And so expects the harsh divine redress,
Sharp fangs of rain, ravaging his front lawn.
A Job, whose supplicating abject tone
Perhaps ensures reprieve. And yet one that,
For all its rainbows will not light for long
Landscapes in darkness uniformly clad.

Unequal struggle-starter – now atone
For your sin of existing, oh you mad
Man desperate to fight, not to look on
Landscapes in darkness uniformly clad.