“It is important

to stay sweet

and loving.”

Kay Ryan


Do not go.


Your incremental leaving

Is my tradition


Bright land of meadows and swamps

Stockades lunging out to sea; and away


Is a lighted corridor of words.

Arch of comprehension


Walls, immaculate syllogisms

Fleet-footed in rebellious whiskey


Clutching at inevitability

Poetised to luminescence.


Wrinkled voice of spinster mermaids

Mocking from the warm obelisks of waves


A surplus self, in avalanche of mood contagion

And persistent usability of things;


Shaped only if submitted to the tyranny of therefores

Incarnated in imperious implications


Tasked to rewrite regret as a flamed sensing

Of air that should have been you


Of smoked mackerel that no more

Shall be eaten


Of cupfuls of coffee

That now are twice


As many; of disrupted rigour

Of morning’s cyclical riddles


Of otherness that will

Again distance itself

4,000 miles away


I must go

And in my going stay

Sweet and loving