Fearless fates bracketed in frozen soil,

Speech-hailed trees as tall as a morning chill

Entrapped encamped entombed without a stealthy steel

Of bullet, yet by death ordained in makeshift hospitals

Perturbed linear epic – stillborn, final forlorn

Before the skies swell with redcoat hide of wolves


Risen one by one as icicles and sequoias

Rhetoric commit to fire before the night

Weaves its portentous streams, for furtively they bring

A hoarded darkness tightly clung to your skin

Disperse, by pale bitter air in your mouth, remove the earth

From dreaming. Bliss, blisters, leaves and pinecones

Your shoulder fraught with them and muskets

Avails twisted companionship of blades


Throne overthrown, a fight evinced

Intrepid gloss on history

On which we step, a pulse, a beat

In wooden huts’ camaraderie

Unstable, trimmed, but greatness still