In throbs of dance, swing smudges on the window panes

As our trains pass each other intently

Senses grazing our mutual stares

Incipient excitements wane

In groveling irrelevance

Of chatter


Mesmeric murmur of tracks covers uniformly

All that is not thoughtless reception of landscapes

Entrapment of wild spaces in steel

Almost a minute a mile, boldly

Contemplating endless



Viscosity of distance, achieved through its medium

Displaced parentheses of understanding glare

At our predetermined routes

Engineered tedium

Never for a moment



Even though the movement is quicker than I

Ever from sinews and muscles would extract

Life’s pacing impatience slows paradoxically down

As if physics refused to apply

Einstein’s gambit

In a whizz


You could, naturally, pretend it does not

Have some Pinot Noir and a Caesar chicken sandwich

Discuss architecture, philosophy, digress, as one does

Even spew out a devious plot

But pretense reminds of its presence